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Freedom Afrika

Noodle Church journeys over three continents having only a pack which rarely comes off his back wearing canvas pants he’d become accustomed to sleeping-in for Freedom Afrika.  Africans there rejecting bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen procure Noodle a home so he isn’t living on the street for Christmas.  Those prescribing people food, water, shelter, and love lend Noodle jackets to wear when it’s cold then provide the security ensured by honest, trustworthy relationships.  Love is all Noodle needed!

Before discovering wildland extending along a thousand kilometers of craggy coastline on which to live while documenting the first state territory governing work with cameras and clandestine surveillance called Freedom Incorporated, Noodle suspects wardens tracked his escape.  But where threats are feral bulls soaking in coastal sun, Noodle thought he’d found freedom; that is, until International Intelligence Service agents aid recollection of love lost after being imprisoned without charges, a trial, or record of detainment.  Stuck in a place so remote footpaths replaced roads, provocateurs gain Noodle’s trust just to compromise his strength for men riding dirt-bikes to push the boy born with blue skin beyond the boundaries of legal freedom.

Agents didn’t break Noodle.  Instead of killing Noodle fled Camp without clean water then slept shelter-less on African wildland returning to the Town where he awoke that Christmas morning on the floor of a snack shop.  Agents track him here too however, after fighting a twenty-yearlong war, townsmen excelled at security.  Sisters who’d witnessed brothers being shot, poisoned, and burned alive proclaim, “It doesn’t matter if men wearing white suits come with masks attached to breathing apparatuses then allege you have a rare disease nobody’s ever heard of.  Even if they say it’s a matter of national security we’ll never let the wardens take you again.  People here fight to defend independence.”

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