"Do Not Mix with Alcohol" by Ethan Collins

Do Not Mix with Alcohol

Told by recollections of burned-on-the-job firefighter Mason Garnière, Do Not Mix with Alcohol explores marriage of appearance to reality and the implications their union has on our existence. Are we as exceptional as we judge?

Appearance: Look or observation. Reality: Certainty or faith.

Appearance is real as perception. Reality is actually true. But faith cheats observation. Look and certainty become one thing or they separate. Their relationship moves between momentous attraction and severe repulsion. Together, appearance weds with reality; apart, it’s as if they can’t be together.

In Do Not Mix with Alcohol Mason Garnière and his girlfriend Aisha are about to get married. Then they separate. But maybe Aisha’s dead. And Mason is in the hospital with severe burns believing he’s his best-friend! Ultimately as existentialist as this book is a mass-market psychological thriller, Do Not Mix with Alcohol keeps readers guessing what they know until the end.

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