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The Diamond Party

After Brandi Monroe, a soon to be freshman at Goodtown High, goes missing during an end-of-summer beach party friends suspect she’s swimming.  But Brandi Monroe’s body is discovered the next morning drowned in the ocean and David Miller, a single father trying to raise two teenage children since his wife Mary died of cancer, realizes Brandi’s boyfriend Joey Young may have been involved in the young girl’s death.  Then David’s daughter Adele asks to go on a date with him.

David uncovers more than a homicide as Goodtown residents struggle to find their place within The Diamond Party, a system of management uniting good people with diabolical ones in order to master-plan their community.  The Diamond Party fortifies four sides of life within a secretive hierarchy and David’s children are left passing into adulthood far too early.

In this coming of age tale a single father’s bravery leads him to become the victim of circumstance after good folks fail to stand against boys taking advantage of girls, men who take advantage of goodwill, and a society relying on evil to get things done.

ISBN # 9781301437542

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