"Do Not Mix with Alcohol" by Ethan Collins

Do Not Mix with Alcohol

Told by recollections of burned-on-the-job firefighter Mason Garnière, Do Not Mix with Alcohol explores the marriage of appearance to reality and implications their union has our on perceived existences.

Appearance:  Look of an exterior, a manifestation.
Reality:  Certainty, truth, or faith in belief.

All appearances are real; appearance really exists as perception or a phenomenon. Reality is actually true but believing outdoes exhibits of truth. Thus reality and appearance join then separate. As one appearance and reality are wedded yet, since the relationship exemplifies all between momentous attraction and severe repulsion, it’s at times as if these monikers aren’t even together.

Mason and Aisha are about to get married. And then they’re separated. But maybe Aisha’s dead. And Mason’s in the hospital with severe burns believing he’s his best-friend.

Ultimately as existentialist as the book is a mass-market psychological thriller, Do Not Mix with Alcohol will become available for pre-order. Until that’s ready read more about making a novel’s cover from painting Girl Drinking a Beer or search posts related to Do Not Mix with Alcohol here.

ISBN # 9781370465613

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